DI-1100 SDK problem

DI-1100 SDK problem

I have recently downloaded the most recent SDK version, and have been trying to get it working with my DI-1100.

I have tried running the vb.net example found in the folder 'Windows Platform .Net library - v2'. It finds the device, but when I try and start data acquisition, it gets to line 84:

Await TargetDevice.ReadDataAsync(cancelRead.Token)

Then hangs indefinitely. I have also tried writing my own code, and the device always hangs at the ReadDataAsync call. However, this code is based on the example, so it likely has the same root cause.

WinDaq/Lite for the DI-1100 works perfectly.

I also have a DI-2108 that works perfectly through WinDaq/Lite and through the example vb.net project from the same SDK folder (as well as my own custom code)

So, what could be causing the issue with the DI-1100 code? Is there any potential fixes I could implement, or should I just scrap it and use the DI-2108?