DI-2008 4 Volts / 16mA issue (4-20mA)

DI-2008 4 Volts / 16mA issue (4-20mA)

Hello all,

I need some technical advice using the DI-2008. I have been using it with no issues since purchase (around October 2022) but never had to measure above 4 volts (1-5 volts range of a 4-20mA current loop). I had to measure above 4 volts for the first time yesterday and ran into an issue of the datalogger just showing a flat line.

I have tested this on both DI-145 and DI-2008 dataloggers, also varied my 4-20mA sensor between a few pressure transmitters and magflow meters.

My 0-100kPa pressure transmitter would flat line around 75kPa, (which is a 4 volt signal). Increasing the pressure above 75kPa (e.g. 90kPa, 100kPa) would show on the datalogger still as 75kPa (4 volt signal). This was similar with a 250L/Min flowmeter, flat lining around 180-190L/Min (around 4 volt signal).

Does anyone have an idea why this could be happening?

My setup should be correct, but happy to upload pictures to idiot-proof myself.
Flat line
Flat line on pressure transmitter but not magflow