DI-710-EL, Windaq, Windows 10

DI-710-EL, Windaq, Windows 10

My main issue is with the Hardware manager.

The manager does not see the 3 units i have unless i set them up as remotes.
I can never see the units in the "Manage IP addresses" window. I would think that it cannot detect the mac addresses. 

I have the latest units, latest 710 windaq install.
I am running windows 10 Pro on my laptop, and windows 10 home on my PC. Neither work.
I have followed the guides and read all the forums to no avail.

I have 3 units connected to a switch. failed
I connected to a DHCP switch and it assigned IP addresses which i could connect to as remotes. 

Any ideas?

I am nervous about windows 10 being supported. It says it is on the website but...