DI-808 - Receiving Live Data as csv (excel) format

DI-808 - Receiving Live Data as csv (excel) format

Good afternoon Ken,

We made a purchase on the DI-808 machine couple weeks ago and we are still working on calibrating the dataq machine and setting up minor things to get the live data working.
We are working ahead to find out how to get the live data exported as a csv file to a local computer or to a server where we can use that specific live data to draw a dynamic graph on a website.

On the given DI-808 simulation page (https://www.dataq.com/products/di-808/#testdrive), I wasn't able to download a csv file other than the wdq file which is not needed for my case.

Would you tell me the steps that I would need to get the actual data on csv file when i finally get the machine to work? You can also contact me via my email registered on this website because I have some more questions to ask.