help setting up/offloading data from DI-4108-U

help setting up/offloading data from DI-4108-U

Hi there, I am new to using the DI-4108-U and am having trouble setting it up and obtaining my data.

I have it connected to an accelerometer in channel 1, so that I can get particle motion data.

My work is in a remote location without a computer, so I need to setup the data logger in stand alone to record at a specific time/date, before I get there. I will therefore need the data to be recorded to the USB in the data logger, so that I can later offload this when I have access to a computer.

I have tried doing this as a practice, but when I finish recording after having set the time, there appears to be no data files on the USB. Secondly, on my WinDaq Dashboard, when I go to 'Configure', is doesn't let me click on 'File Management (Removable Disk)'. So perhaps this has something to do with it?

Could you please provide me with the steps I need to set it up and offload the data as I need? 

Brittany :-)