My DI-2108P died

My DI-2108P died

I have used DataQ products for like 15 years. I have a DI-2108P hooked to a seismometer.  2.5V, 160 S/s. It has been running for 3.5 years quite happily.. Then a few days ago just died. In a weird way. Its in a enviromentally controlled space indoors. Just,,, ker-plop...

I really expected more then 3.5 years out of it for $450 + software lic.

I know I am way past warranty..

I was hoping DataQ might, maybe, possibly, hook me up with a DI-2008 ( 4ch no stretch ) as a discount as 3.5 years seems a bit short.

ALL my other DataQ products are still working and some are over a decade old. So 3.5 years seems short.

I am a DIY guy and I had to save up for that $450. So this sucks..