Regarding Dataq Internet Connection

Regarding Dataq Internet Connection

Hope you are doing great Dataq Support Team.

I managed to get the dataq connected to my local network and can now access it via my router! I switched it to DCHP on the dataq and set up a dchp reservation on the router. Its ip is now The next step to be completed was to figure out port forwarding and translation to access it on the internet.

Any ideas on what ports to choose for port forwarding based on the article ? I have tried multiple things including the screenshot of the previous message. When I try to access from outside my local network I type for example and havent had luck yet. Am I doing that right?

We are trying to get DI machine connected to the internet so that it can transfer file back and forth or so, but we currently do not have any network technicians and hadn't had any luck finding a professional to figure out for us since we are located in a farm (pretty much nothing here) to work with the machine. 

Please reach out if you could help us out. 

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