Sampling rate in DataQ software

Sampling rate in DataQ software


I have a problem with setting the desired sampling rate in my DataQ software ( DI-710-UL, operation system Windows 10Pro). For example, let us say that the desired throughput rate (or total scanning rate) equals to 4000 Hz. The problem is that the software automatically changes this to 3600 Hz. I noticed that the DataQ user manual states: “You may specify/configure any sample rate that the hardware/software allows but you might not achieve the specific rate desired. For example (due to the inability to divide the master clock in a manner that results in an even-numbered quotient), you may see a sample rate of 2999.63 when you entered 3000”.

My question is, whether this problem can somehow be solved, or not?

I did not have such a problem with a previous system (acquisition DI-720-USB model and its compatible WinDaq Software (DI-7x0 USB0, Windows XP)).

Thanks in advance