Sync raw data with DI-1100

Sync raw data with DI-1100

I tried to get all 4 AI in a py script.

I set:
* encode 0
* ps 0
* slist 0 0
* slist 1 1
* slist 2 2
* slist 3 3
* srate 60000

What I saw is (correct if it's wrong):
  1. sample rate calculated as 60M/srate is referred to a single ADC sampling not to all 4 channels. Every channel is updated at 60M/srate/4 Hz.
  2. When I updated the firmware to the latest stable (1.39, I was starting from 1.34) frequency was strongly reduced. Maybe something related to dec parameter? I found it in another example, and in a Dataq-Instruments-Protocol.cleaned.pdf , but not in DI-1100-Protocol.cleaned.pdf
  3. Looking at the protocol, there is no syncs mechanism for bytes and sent channels. I tried to implement it setting high a digital bit (B0), in that way I should find Word0 & 0x0F = 1 and Word1..3 & 0x0F= 0. That seems false, WordX & 0x0F is always greater than 0 that seems not fulfilling the protocol.

No problems with endoded transfer protocol, (but also digital input not transferred)

Other questions:
  1. When I use ASCII transfer (encode 1) how High can i set dec for a DI-1100? Is guaranteeded that all ADC sampling are averaged in that time?
  2. Which method is used to sync binary data?